​​Mathematics is considered to be a scoring subject that can have a major impact on your class 10th overall percentage. By putting in some extra effort, you can easily score well in this subject. Based on problem solving and calculation, one of the most important aspects of this subject is understanding the concepts. Simply mugging up the formulas and preparing for a few weeks before the exam won’t get you a good score. It is a subject that demands practice. Read on to learn some of the most important topics of this subject that will help you score better in your exam:

1. Algebra –

This section comprises Arithmetic Progressions, Linear Equations, Polynomials, and Quadratic Equations. It holds about 25% weightage in the board exam of class 10th. This means that if you prepare well, you will be easily able to score 20 marks out of 80. The most important topics of Algebra include solving a quadratic equation using the square method, zeros of the polynomial, a pair of linear equations in two variables, and the sum of the nth terms of an arithmetic progression.

2. Trigonometry –

This section has a weightage of 15% in your class 10 maths exam which means that there will be 12 marks worth of questions in the exam. It is one of the easiest and most scoring parts of your class 10th maths board exam. The only thing that you have to do is remember the formulas. Some of the most important topics of trigonometry are Trigonometric Ratios, Heights and Distances problems, and Trigonometric identities. 

3. Geometry –

Holding 19% weightage (15 marks out of 80) in the class 10th maths board exam of CBSE, Geometry is also considered to be an easy section. Some of the major topics from this section are the construction of tangents to a circle, theorems, and the division of a line segment. There might also be questions regarding the area of triangles and circles. If you want to score good marks in these sections, you have to make a clean and neat diagram using a good pencil, a clear protractor, and a fine compass. 

4. Mensuration –

This is considered to be one of the most difficult topics. However, if you are able to remember the formulas and read the problem thoroughly, you will be able to score well in this section easily. The weightage of this section in the class 10th maths board exam is 13% which covers up to 10 marks out of 80. The important topics of this section are the area and circumference of a circle, area of a segment and sector of a circle, surface area, the volume of a frustum of a cone, and a combination of solids. 

5. Probability and statistics –

The total weightage of this section in the board exam is 14% which means they are worth 11 marks out of 80. The easiest and the most important topics of Statistics are Mean, Median, and Mode. Apart from this, graphical representation of the cumulative frequency distribution is also considered very important. You also have to pay attention to problems of finding the massive frequency in the table of frequency distribution. In the case of probability, most of the questions are based on coins, cards, and dice. The best way of tackling the probability questions is following a theoretical approach. 

6. Coordinate geometry –

This section will cover 6 marks out of 80. Even though it has less weightage, this section helps a lot during your higher studies. To score well in this section, you must be familiar with all the facts related to the x-axis and y-axis along with having an in-depth understanding of quadrants. To solve most of the problems of Coordinate Geometry, you must focus on section formula, distance formula, area of triangle formula, and formula of midpoint.

7. Number Systems –

Just like Coordinate Geometry, this section holds 6 marks out of 80 as well. The most asked questions in the class 10th board exam are based on the HCF*LCM relationship formula or involve proving the irrational number. 

When you get into class 10th, you have a limited number of days to prepare for your exam. So, the early time is very precious, especially since you won’t have any exam pressure.

Here are a few tips that will help you do the same:

  • Get familiar with the pattern of the exam – Before you start your practice, you must get yourself acquainted with the exam pattern. It will help you understand the type of questions that are asked in exams like short answer questions, long answer questions, etc. Also, you must know the marks distribution of each section.
  • Know the syllabus – Once you know the exam pattern, you need to get deep into the syllabus. It will help you create a study plan for yourself. Note down the number of chapters and topics that you have to complete in the session. Try finishing the syllabus before December ends. This way, you will have more than enough time for practice and revision.
  • Remember the formulas – You should create a separate notebook for formulas. You can use this notebook for remembering the important formulas from different chapters. All the formulas should be at your fingertips as it will save you a lot of time while solving the questions during the exam.
  • Make your study schedule – Before you start studying, you have to make a schedule. It will help you stay on the right path and study at a constant pace. You should set aside at least an hour every day for practising mathematics. If it is not your strong subject, you should dedicate more time to it. 

Apart from this, you also need to spend some time understanding the theorems of mathematics and practicing sample papers. The board exam will have 2 to 3 theorems like stating and proving basic proportionality theorems. For any NCERT problems, you can find class 10 maths NCERT book pdf solution online easily.

Understanding the concepts, memorizing the formulas, and practicing regularly can help you score well in your CBSE Class 10th math exam. You have already learned about the important chapters, topics, and their weightage in the exam. Just make a schedule, start preparing, and get your desired marks.