Mathematics is an important subject for the students both in the view of academics and for understanding how the world works. The world revolves around mathematics and students need to understand that. Mathematics is everywhere around the students and there is beauty in how the entire world has mathematical applications. There are numerous mathematical applications and each of them is equally important and as beautiful as the other. Students need to learn the importance of such a subject. Studying this subject has many steps and a strategy. In this article, we will explore the ways in which the subject can be studied. The students need to prepare the concepts thoroughly for the mathematics board exam. The examination is important for the students as it is essential for building their basics strongly for the concepts that will come in the future. Students will face a competitive environment in their class 10 and even after that. Hence good preparation is important for the students. The competitive examinations must be taken seriously by the students since the world ahead of them will be competitive in every aspect. Preparation for competitive examinations will also be discussed in this article.  

1. NCERT Materials

NCERT materials are the most recommended textbook for the students. The students need to prepare well with the given textbook. The textbooks help the students to understand and build upon the foundations strongly. Strongly building the foundation of the concepts is important for the students when the goal is to face competitive examinations like IMO. IMO is the International Mathematics Olympiad held by the SOF which is the Science Olympiad Foundation. It is an exam that introduces the students to a competitive environment that the students need to know about. The competitive environment might be scary for the students at the start but with practice and discipline, students can develop and get ready for the examinations ahead of them. Students need not fear the examinations as it is just another examination. They have been facing examinations over the years and they must be ready to face this examination just like any other. 

2. NCERT Textbooks

NCERT textbooks help build the foundation strongly and must be followed by the students. Even the teachers recommend this material for exam preparation. The exam papers are framed with the help of these textbooks and hence it is recommended for the students to practice and study the textbook. There are numerous questions in the textbook that the students can practice to get thorough with the topics. The topics are explained thoroughly in the textbook and it can be helpful for the students to know that the textbook builds the basics thoroughly. The textbook in itself is enough for the students to score well in the examinations but the students can refer to other materials available online and in the stores. This will be helpful for the students as it will be helpful for them if they get to solve as many questions as possible. Solving questions can help the students to understand the type of questions and sample them. This will help them to solve the questions quickly and get good at them. 

3. IMO Maths Olympaid Previous Year Question Paper

IMO Maths Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 9 2016 is a great resource for the students to understand the type of questions that will come up in the examination. Solving the paper will help the students to get good at the topics and to see which of the topics needs more practice. Practice will help the students to get good with the subject. Sampling the type of questions will help the students to solve the questions faster and correctly. Solving papers will help them get fast at solving the paper correctly. Discipline with constant practice will help the students to solve and score well in the examinations. Scoring high is important for the students to understand the benefits of working hard. Working hard will give good results and the students need to know that. Students need to work hard to find out which of the questions need more practice and do the needed practice. Practice makes the students perfect and hence they must stay strong with the practice. Students can solve the papers with a timer to know which of the questions take the time to solve. Solving constantly will help them to get faster with the questions. Timing themselves while solving the papers will help the students to lose their fear of the examination thinking that they will not have enough time for solving. Students often have an opinion that the mathematics papers are long and tough but the truth is that there is adequate time to solve the problems and check the answers if the students are disciplined and solve questions constantly. 

End Note:

Students can take the help of the article above to get good at the subject of mathematics. Mathematics is an important subject as we have discussed at the beginning of this article. The preparation mentioned above is essential for the students to face the competitive environment. Even though the competition might be scary for the students, it has its own benefits. The competition can be motivating for the students. Students need to maintain their physical and mental health through preparation and get good at the subject. A good diet and exercise are necessary for the students to stay healthy and score well. Staying healthy, even though it might not sound as important, is indeed an important aspect when we consider the scores in the competitive examinations. Staying healthy is important for the students and to score well. Good luck with the competitive exams and the board exams ahead!