The mattress is supposed to be an important purchase that a mom has to make for her baby that is simply because a baby spends almost 16 hours every day in her crib. You must, therefore, give it a good thought before buying a mattress for your little one. You must focus on her comfort and safety first. All crib mattresses are not supposed to be safe and often new moms come across misleading information. As your baby would be spending 50 percent of her time lying down on her mattress you must make sure that the mattress is free from bogus and harmful chemicals and that it is totally safe for use.

Stay Away from Chemicals with All-Natural Latex

Parents are constantly discussing ways to avoid chemicals and they are taking proactive steps to keep babies safe in terms of skin care, baby clothes, baby products, and even home cleaning products. But sometimes, parents act quite ignorant while choosing a mattress for their baby.  Recent studies reveal that even crib mattresses could be releasing remarkable amounts of harmful chemicals that are typically present in sprays and household cleaners. The body heat would be triggering an increase in emissions and you must realize that chemical emissions seem to be strongest in the breathing arena of a sleeping baby. Mattresses are known to have certain toxic retardants.

A new mom is obviously, concerned about her baby’s health and safety. She could explore certain eco-friendly mattress choices that have come up in the last few years. The natural latex mattresses are just right for your delicate baby. This is made of natural latex that is sourced naturally from rubber trees. Latex is supposed to be naturally resistant to mold and dust mites that implies latex mattresses do not need nasty chemicals to ward off mold and dust mite issues. Seek expert advice and browse through expert mattress guidance by visiting

Choose Breathable Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are known to provide wonderful air circulation since they are made from the naturally breathable material. Moreover, tiny pinholes are also, incorporated during the manufacturing process and that enhances natural ventilation and perfect moisture regulation. All this would be culminating in minimizing risks of suffocation for your baby. Latex mattresses are supposed to be hypoallergenic so they are just the right ones for your baby’s super-sensitive, delicate, and soft skin.

Truly Versatile Latex Mattress Is the Way to Go

Latex mattresses are not only hypoallergenic; they are also known to have a few more striking features. Usually, latex mattresses for babies are encased in a bamboo fabric color that is really fresh and ultra-soft. This cover could be washed and cleaned regularly to promote and maintain good health and hygiene. Moreover, a latex mattress could be custom-tailored as per your unique size specifications.


With the consistent rise in infant health issues like asthma, autism, respiratory issues, and allergies, it is a good idea to restrict your child’s exposure to all types of toxic chemicals and the associated off-gassing. It is mandatory to keep a baby’s crib mattress 100 percent safe. Research and studies have proved that natural latex is your safest bet.