If you are planning for this year’s prom dance and are looking to wear a slick-looking little black dress, accessories are a critical aspect of the overall look. We sat down with a fashion designer and asked what can be done to perfectly complement a slinky LBD and here are a few simple ways to accentuate an LBD.

Statement Strap Sandals

If you are unsure about footwear, why not go for the Viking black strap sandals? Tie up to the upper calf and thick soles really make this look. When looking at little black dresses with a view to acquiring one for a very special occasion, search online for a designer dress boutique, where you will find names like Sherri Hill, Jovani, and Just Peachy and they have some stunning creations.

Bright Red Shoes

A classic high-heel pair of red shoes go perfectly with the little black dress and the online shoe store has you covered. You may want to wear them before the big day! If you are not so comfortable with the high-heel stiletto, platforms work. Matching it with a red Louis Vuitton bag really seals the deal and some yellow gold jewelry (not to be overdone) and a pair of ruby earrings would complete the 1950s look.


Let’s face it, the little black dress is crying out for bling! Whether you invest in some costume jewelry or raid mom’s collection, serious shine and sparkle work; just don’t overdo things. Take short black prom dresses, for example; chunky silver jewelry is perfect, or wear that silver necklace layer you like. Bling really hammers the statement home and even if bling isn’t your thing, it should be on this occasion.

Chunky Jewellery

This is the best time to don that chunky silver bracelet and necklace and if you don’t have any chunky jewelry in your collection, the online silver jewelry store has you covered. Gather up what thick jewelry you can find and wear the LBD and with some trial and error, you should end up with the right, balanced look that oozes sex appeal. Ask your friends for their opinion when you send them selfies of you wearing your outfit and this will help you to make the right choices.

The Elegance of Pearls

A matching necklace and bracelet make for ideal accessories with your new LBD that you found at the online designer dress boutique, with deep red lipstick and a trendy hair updo. Once again, the online jeweler comes to the rescue if you are on the hunt for hand-made pearl jewelry and prices are really low!

You know yourself better than anyone, so listen to your inner self when it comes to accessorizing your look and be prepared to experiment. Spend a Sunday afternoon in front of your full-length mirror and get creative with the accessories you have and should you need anything, the online jeweler awaits.

Don’t forget that the goal of any social event is to have a good time and as long as you are happy with your look, that’s all that matters.