If there’s one thing that is constant in this world, it is change. And that is precisely the one vital entity that is continuous when it comes to the world of fashion. Since the beginning of human development, there has been a continual determination being set to make one look and style better.

The diverse styles in the fashion world have always gone through many changes. With the growth in the expanse of innovations, the transformation in trend and fashion styles have also been fast. So, keeping that in mind, there’s an art to blending your personal style to your remarkable timepiece. Here’s a list of the few best watches for seven types of fashion styles:

Fashion Style #1: Vintage

Being one of the most lovable fashion styles, it is a blast from the past. From pinup clothing and flapper dresses to indie clothing and retro swimwear, the vintage look is the peak of fashion from the 20’s to the ’70s.

Hamilton Aqua Date Supercompressor

The vintage supercompressor watches were great dive watch design back in the time, yet the style continues to be equally collectible. This variant from Hamilton brags nicely aged brilliant markers, which seems to be in its all-original state.

Fashion Style #2: Hippie Chic

Hippie Chic is a fashion type that believes getting dressed is more than putting on your garments. It’s about forming your own story and expressing your distinct fashion style.

HC Forever Diamond Collection

The exceptional triple strap design features two rows of crystal Diamantes on either side of the simple case, adding a touch of classy oomph to any getup. Get the piling look with this single piece that appears great when worn every day or for special events.

Fashion Style #3: Sexy

It’s all about showing off your top features. Let all the great things about your style to get the attention of the sexy ladies

MVMT – Onyx

There’s never a deficiency of attractive watches to pick from the MVMT’s collection. The brilliantly named Onyx has some unusual standout features with its stunningly bulbous and refined hour markers.

Affordable, fashionable and drenched with minimalist, you’ll definitely love the blend of excellence and sexiness this watch brings.

Fashion Style #4: Casual

Casual is a combination of comfort with elegance. This modest style has caught up well with the channel of time and is one of the most sought-after fashion styles today.

Citizen BM8180-03E Eco-Drive

The Citizen may be known for their lustrous, sophisticated watches, but don’t ever think that they provide solely to the martini set and dinner jacket. They know how to generate an everyday casual watch, too.

You’ll never have to be burdened about winding or replacing batteries. Exposing this casual watch to the ambient light, the internal capacitor will instigate storing energy.

Fashion Style #5: Sophisticated

Sophistication entails everything at the best quality. Nothing is substantial if it is not worth the trouble, just like the Omega Special. Look for the style that makes a statement on the culture, quality, and polished manners, and you’re sure to be in the world of sophistication.

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Automatic 40mm Watch

Being the oldest manufacturer of Swiss luxury watches, Vacheron Constantin carries abundantly of prestige and history. The Patrimony collection timepieces are enthused by 1950s design, combining a minimalist feel and all-out luxury.

Fashion Style #6: Rocker

Leather jacket ripped jeans, and vintage t-shirts – these three things define the rocker look. It’s one of the most versatile styles of fashion that keeps shifting contingent on the genre of music and the person who picks to wear it. There are no loose clothes in this style; it all hinges on the wearer and what music they love and support.

Nixon Rocker Watch – Men’s All Black/Green

Loud with lots of reaction and reverb, the Rocker straps out a remarkable tune when it’s on its stage (the wrist). Every good Rocker needs a good band. For example, the big piece of soft and thick leather that Nixon studded with metal logo rivets to rock all night and party all day.

Fashion Style #7: Preppy

The college look would be most appropriate for the preppy look. Geeky glasses and a cute little headband mostly go together with this fashion style. The geeky look might seem to be a classy and expensive style, but it’s not mandatory to overly shell out to get this look.

Tommy Hilfiger Croc Leather Brown Strap with Silver Detail

Modest, urbane, timeless – that’s Tommy Hilfiger men’s watch for you. This preppy sports watch with a week of the day feature keeps you fashionably of-the-moment. It also features a surfaced beige dial with white accents silver tone along with the date display function and a scratch-resistant mineral crystal.


The sphere of the world of fashion is bursting with different trends and styles to choose from. You should make use of it by selecting the best watch that ensembles yourself and let your style stand out in the crowd of the fashion world. It’s full of opportunities to explore your style and convey it out for people to see and find out who you are.