You could eat out in New York for over 22 years without hitting the same place twice—that’s how many options you have when it comes to dining. If you’re a New York local (and a self-proclaimed foodie), you might just take that as a challenge.

However, if you’re just visiting the Big Apple or you’re a local looking for a guaranteed delicious meal, sifting through thousands of eateries can be overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you and outlined the best places to eat in New York, whether you’re looking for a quick bite or want an upscale eating experience.

Do you want to know our top picks? Let’s dive in!

When You Want a Quick Bite

Although New York is the city that never sleeps, it seems like there’s never enough time in the day. If you have a busy schedule, consider grabbing one of these quick options. Although, it’s worth noting that they also have seating if you need a quick break.

1. Russ and Daughters

You can’t go to New York without trying one of their signature bagels. Russ and Daughters is a deli that’s been giving this classic bite a unique twist.

They rose to fame for serving a variety of salmon (both salt-cured and smoked) with their tasty bagels. Of course, there are also some unique spreads to compliment your salmon, like caviar cream cheese.

Russ and Daughters on East Houston Street is a deli with no seating. However, there’s a Russ and Daughters Cafe just a few blocks away on Orchard Street that does have room to sit.

2. Motorino Pizza

Another New York classic that can’t be missed is pizza. While you should try the city’s iconic dollar slice at one of the many pizzerias you’re sure to pass, you should also stop in at Motorino Pizza.

Their food is a little pricier but totally worth it. They serve everything from your basic Margherita pizza to more inventive pies, like cherrystone crab or brussels sprout.

3. Kimchi Taco

It’s no secret that fusion eats have been growing in popularity. And it’s not only the fancy restaurants that are excelling at it.

As you may have guessed from the name, Kimchi Taco fuses Korean and Mexican flavors together to create amazing tacos and nachos for an extremely affordable price—we’re talking $3 for a taco, making it the perfect place if you’re traveling on a budget.

Kimchi Taco was originally a food truck but has since opened a storefront in Brooklyn under the name Kimchi Grill.

4. Katz’s Deli

When you walk into Katz’s Deli, you may think you need a while to look over the menu. After all, they do have a wide selection. However, you can go ahead and focus on the pastrami options.

Katz’s Deli is known for their amazingly tender and perfectly seasoned pastrami. They even cut the meat to order right in front of you!

5. Spicy Village

If you find yourself in Chinatown, there’s no better place to eat at then Spicy Village. This restaurant specializes in foods form the Henan and Xinjiang provinces of China.

It may not seem like much from the outside, but this little eatery really packs a punch with its flavorful dishes and home-cooked feel.

When You Want a Sit-Down Meal

Are you celebrating a special occasion? Or maybe you just want to be wined and dined for a night. When you want a nice sit-down meal, consider trying one of the options below.

6. Sushi by Bou

If you’re always struggling to decide what to eat, this sushi restaurant is a great option. They offer a 12- piece, pre-chosen omakase sushi meal for you to enjoy.

It only runs $50, which is quite affordable for omakase, especially in New York. Not only is the sushi fresh and expertly crafted, but the service is quick and efficient.

Each table has 30 minutes to eat their sushi. However, most people don’t feel rushed at all. The servers have the timing down to a science and bring your next type of sushi out as soon as you’ve finished your last one.

7. Frenchette

When you think of French food, your mind may immediately go to delectable duck or souffle. While Frenchette has plenty of “safe” options to choose from, they are known for their selection of old-time French foods that haven’t really transferred to America.

Brains, tongue, and tripe are just a few of the meals you can order here. Each is perfectly prepared, so if you like trying new things, Frenchette is the place to go.

8. The Polo Bar

While burgers may not seem like the ultimate “fancy” meal, you’ll change your mind after trying them at The Polo Bar.

This restaurant specializes in American comfort food, which is made evident in their decor: tan leather booths with green throw pillows and equestrian art hanging on the walls. In true American style, The Polo Bar offers generous portions, so you’re sure to go home full.

9. Adda Indian Canteen

If you like Indian food, then you need to try Adda Indian Canteen. Using local produce and Indian spices, the food at Adda takes traditional Indian cuisine up a notch. Everything is perfectly spiced to give your taste buds a treat without going overboard.

The atmosphere is more relaxed than some of the other “sit-down” options on this list. However, the food speaks for itself and you’ll want to come back again and again.

10. Misi

It’s no secret that New York is full of Italian restaurants. But Misi stands out among the competition.

The pasta is all hand-made on site and cooked perfectly. Many of the dishes feature plenty of produce which still tastes fresh even in the dead of winter—a hard feat for any restaurant to achieve.

You also have 6 different gelato flavors to choose from for dessert which will give you the perfect ending to your meal.

Best Places to Eat in New York

Don’t just stumble into the first restaurant you come across. Make sure you stop at some of these amazing places to eat in New York to get the most out of your trip. From salmon bagel sandwiches to hand-made pasta, you’re sure to find something you love.

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