Sales force DX is supposed to be a new paradigm that intends to provide a cutting-edge user experience for all the Sales force developers. Sales force would be utilizing its very own technology for delivering solutions to all its customers. For instance, as an integral portion of the popular Sales force DX program, we know that Sales force would be making the most of its tooling APIs and metadata APIs.

With Sales-force DX, Sales force would be effective in developing and improving upon their technology. For instance, Sales force has actually promised to enhance the manner in which both the tooling APIs and the metadata work. This would be automatically assisting all partners that have already built their solutions depending on these APIs. Once the foundation is enhanced, the entire solution would automatically come up with a much-improved UX or User Experience and much-enhanced usability to all the end users.

Sales force DX & the Inevitable Change in the Way People Work

Sales force DX is supposed to be a brilliant and a novel way of managing and developing apps on precisely the Lightning Platform throughout the whole life cycle. It actually has resulted in bringing together practically the best features of the Lightning Platform for enabling team collaboration, source-driven development, and never before levels of agility meant for effective custom app development specifically on the popular Sales force platform. You may browse that offers native Sales force release management solutions.

Sales force DX Highlights


  • You could use your preferred tools your way. You are free to use all those developer tools that you are already used to using.
  • Now you are able to effectively apply top practices to the relevant software development. Metadata and source code remain outside the Org. They are known for providing a boost in agility for developing Salesforce app effectively in predominantly a team environment. VCS and not the org is actually the ‘Source of Truth.’
  • A robust CLI or the Command-Line Interface would be eliminating the intricacies associated with working with the Salesforce org with the purpose of proper development, effective continuous integration, and perfect delivery.
  • There are configurable & flexible scratch Orgs which would be built by you for automated environments and development. This innovative org helps in building apps and packages easily.
  • You could be using any text editor or IDE you feel like along with the externalized source and CLI.

Steps to Get Started With the Popular Sales force DX

  • To get started consider using a Sample Repo.
  • The fastest way of using Sales force DX is by effectively cloning the ‘sfdx-simple GitHub repo’. Use its Sales force application and configuration files for trying some of the most commonly and frequently utilized Sales force CLI commands.
  • Create an application.
  • Follow the fundamental workflow.
  • Import Existing Source.
  • You could consider using the metadata API for retrieving the code. Thereafter, consider converting your source to effectively use in any Salesforce DX project.


Salesforce DX helps in modernizing software development practices for facilitating faster innovation.  It helps in providing Salesforce developers with relatively a wide range of tools and new features. The integrated and open platform would be allowing the developers to go on building collaboratively and focus on delivering continuously.