If you are a diehard NASCAR fan, you may be wondering which are the best cities to live in to feed into that passion. You may want to plan a vacation, or even a move, around these best cities for NASCAR fans.

Whether you want to catch some of the top races in the country, or just want to regularly attend the races that you enjoy so much, there are several top cities in the country that will cater to your NASCAR obsession. These best cities for NASCAR fans are:

Charlotte, North Carolina

Huge fans of NASCAR are probably well aware of Charlotte’s status as a top NASCAR city, but casual fans may not know that this is the place to be when it comes to NASCAR racing. Charlotte boasts the location of the most-used NASCAR track, as well as the actual NASCAR company.

Nearby Moorsville has a NASCAR college and many NASCAR-related businesses, and is known as “Race City USA.” Charlotte also hosts many NASCAR Cup Series each year and is the home of the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Other racing attractions in Charlotte and the surrounding area include the Memory Lane Museum, the Historical Automotive Museum, and several other NASCAR tracks within a 300-mile radius.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis is considered an important racing hub in the Midwest with a long history of racing, including NASCAR and other types of auto racing. Indianapolis is home to two pro racing leagues, including IndyCar and the United State Auto Club. NASCAR fans will also love that motorsports plays a significant role in the Indianapolis economy, with over 500 companies related to motorsports and racing.

Indianapolis is notably home to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (which hosts the Indianapolis 500 each year). The city also hosts the NASCAR Brickyard 400 race. If you want to plant roots in this midwestern racing hub, there are many Indianapolis houses for sale.

Orlando, Florida

NASCAR’s biggest fans know that NASCAR racing was born by racing stock cars on the beaches of Daytona. This makes Orlando, Florida the closest city to the birthplace of NASCAR, and there are many big NASCAR fans living in Orlando who make the yearly drive to the “Super Bowl of Stock Car Racing,” or the Daytona 500.

If you are looking to live among like-minded NASCAR fans, Orlanda will be a great city for you. Orlando is conveniently located to the Daytona International Speedway and is also within a reasonable (though longer) distance of Miami, where the yearly NASCAR season-finale championship race is held. So Orlando residents can catch the opening and closing of each NASCAR season in person.

If you are one of NASCAR’s biggest fans, there are a few cities around the country that are calling your name. Whether you prefer one of the capitals of racing inNorth Carolina, a legendary midwestern racing city, or a Florida city conveniently located to catch some of the biggest races of the season, there are many amazing options for the best cities for NASCAR-lovers.