Smartphones have revolutionized the communication industry. Making communication simpler, smartphones have become a boon.

But, is it just so simple that new technology doesn’t introduce negative effects? 

The number of smartphone users across various age-groups has shown a skew towards the lower range. What it means is that children using the smartphone have increased

With the increasing population of children, the risk of exposing them to various content rises exponentially. Moreover, the lack of scrutiny on the content being uploaded on the internet should worry you as a parent. 

In the 21st century, If you are still expecting your child to not use the smart phone at all, it is unrealistic. As much as there is cringe content available, with the global network, access to knowledge has increased too. 

The regulation in terms of the content viewed must be monitored. Cell phone spying applications can come of great help while monitoring the data searched on the phone. 

It is important to note that if you don’t monitor the usage of a cell phone by your children it can have to deteriorate impact on mental health.

What should you do immediately to stop cell phone usage of your child?

One of the most important things which you can do immediately is to change to a lower specification phone. Often, this could mean that the availability of the smartphone in your home is skewed. 

The following methods can be employed to reduce the cell phone usage of your kid:

1. Use the spy apps:

Monitoring the activity of your child is important. It is vital that you don’t consider your child to be too innocent or the internet to moderate the activity of your child. Also you already heard about the online suicidal games like Blue Whale, Momo. In maximum cases child & teenagers are the victim of these type of games. As a responsible parent, you must use the right spying software, such that you can monitor the activity of your child on the internet. Websites like Getcellphonespy help in listing out the best mobile phone spies to keep a track of your child’s activity. If you found any suspicious activity then take action imminently to stop it.

2. Reduce the activity yourself:

When you are present near the child, make it a habit to reduce the phone activity. It is said that parents often guide the activities of the children. If you are prone to using the cell phone near your kid, he would take up the same habit. Kids in 21st century are catching up with the digital trend at a faster pace. The best way to stop your child using the smartphone is by not using it yourself.

3. Spend more time with your child:

The main reason for the drift of children to the cell phone has been proven to be a lack of attention. You have to give more time with your child so that he can stay distracted from the cell phone. Moreover, you should encourage him for outdoor activities that can also keep him healthy. 

4. Inculcate a hobby:

The main reason why your kid is getting addicted to the phone is the lack of channels to focus his energy. It is important that you help him find a hobby. A hobby that doesn’t allow the children to look into their phones instead of gluing them to their hobby. Hobbies like learning piano, playing chess have been proven to add value to the development of the baby. Besides, you could enroll them in piano lessons online to help enhance their creativity, boost confidence, and improve physical coordination. And if you are wondering when to start piano lessons, it depends on your child since most can do so at any age.

5. Visit outdoors:

It is always beneficial to make your child accustomed to life beyond graphics and gorilla screen. What is important to note is that once you take your child to parks, picnics, and even religious places, you can develop an emotional connection with your child. It is innately important as it can help in the long-term sustenance of the parent-child bond. 

Moderating control on your child

The truth is it is often difficult to get rid of addiction at one go. Smartphone usage is also an addiction. For starters, if you are thinking of reducing the phone usage of your kid in a shot, it is not possible. 

It is important to note that you should moderate the usage of the mobile phone of your child in a clinical fashion. With increasing the reduction of mobile phone usage periodically, it becomes pertinent that your child will lose the habit of using it frequently. 

Too much control at the start might make your child aggressive and things might go haywire. Thus, the right form of parenting would mean that you take things slowly but make progress eventually. 

Final thoughts:

Spying on your children might not go down well with your child. It might have emotional and trust issues. Thus, it is important that you explain to your child why you are doing it and how it is important for your child to develop as a person. 

No one other than you can completely understand your child properly. Make sure you spend more personal time with him, which will passively help him to switch off the device.