There might have been many instances when you wandered into the salon with the picture of your favorite haircut. But the results didn’t match the mental image. It can be devastating, so you have to consider some things. 

First, the celebrity that inspired you to get that haircut has the best glam teams in the country at their disposal. Second, the possibility is that the haircut didn’t suit you because of your face shape. Now, we are not suggesting that any face shape is better than another. Every face is beautiful on its own. Expert hairstylists suggest that it is best to choose haircuts and colors that suit your face shape and features. 

Determine your face shape

There is more to your face’s shape than what you see in your reflection. To determine your face shape, you have to consider your face’s jawline, hairline, length, and width. So the face shapes are:

  • Oval: The length of the face is bigger than the width. The hairline is slightly broader than the jawline.
  • Square: If you have a strong and angled jawline, there are chances you have a square face shape. If you measure, you will find that your cheekbones, jawline, and forehead have the same width.
  • Heart: A heart face has a broad forehead with prominent cheekbones. In contrast, the jawline narrows down to a small chin.
  • Long: A long face is pretty much similar to an oval face but much longer lengthwise.
  • Diamond: A diamond face has the same width for jawline and forehead. But the cheekbones are more expansive than both and hold prominence.
  • Round: A round face has no prominent angles. They are generally associated with baby faces as they have the same length and width.

So whenever you plan on your next haircut or have your hair styled, keep your face shape in mind. You can even browse the most popular hairstyles in American fashion industry and select which suits you best. Remember that recognizing and accepting your face shape will help you find that perfect diva looks you crave.

Now that we have covered the face shapes, let’s quickly go over the best hairstyle choices.

1. Hairstyles for oval faces

An oval face is perfectly proportional, and you have endless hairstyling ideas. As we said, that the facial proportions are balanced in this shape, so haircuts that keep the hair away from the face are best. They will allow you to flaunt your features. Some haircuts that best suit your shape are side bangs, shoulder-length hair with layers, blunt bobs, and sleek styles.

Some haircuts you should avoid are heavy-set bangs and same length hair, as they will crowd the head and hide your features.

2. Hairstyles for square faces

For those having a square face, you can either choose to flaunt it or balance the proportions. If you decide to flaunt your strong jawline, some blunt bangs or a small bob can help you achieve that. But if you want to make your face look delicate and soft, then some soft and wispy bangs can do the trick for you. You can also get layered cuts to add curves to the face.

Slick back looks are not a strong point for square faces, as they can make your face look harsh. Instead, loose curls and straight hair with layers can soften your features beautifully.

3. Hairstyles for heart faces

Once again, the choice is yours if you want to accentuate your face shape or balance it. If you’re going to highlight, slick back hairstyles and high ponytails can do the job for you. But if you want to balance out the width of your jawline, some long bob haircuts will suit you best. A side partition of long strands with shoulder-length hair can add volume and define your jawline.

If you have a heart shape, we apologize to inform you that it is best to avoid the trendy middle part. Similarly, short bangs will make your face look pointed and not in the right way.

4. Hairstyles for long faces

The aim here is to make your face look proportioned like an oval face. So it would help if you aimed to make your face look wider. Thus, if you have a long face, curls are your best friends. Some of the best hairstyles for you will be loose curls, long layers, and a blow-out that adds volume.

With a long face, you might want to avoid sleek and long hairstyles, as they will make your face look even longer.

5. Hairstyles for diamond faces

Diamond faces are already balanced, so your hairstyles must accentuate the shape. You can choose between side bangs that sweep over your cheekbones as well as long layers. A short and textured bob can also make your face shape stand out. When styling, middle parts, and sleek hairstyles are your best friends.

Heavy bangs will make your face look small, so avoid them at all costs.

6. Hairstyles for round faces

If you have a round face, aim to elongate it and make it look oval. The quickest way to do that is if you leave some strands of hair untucked at the side of your face. Short and long bobs will significantly flatter your face. You can also put it up in a long ponytail or opt for a pixie cut.

Remember that you don’t have to hide your face under layers of hair. Keep the look smooth and sleek.


Your face shape is significant in determining which hairstyle look will work best for you. We understand that you might want to go for some particular styles that a celebrity or famous icon flaunts. But choosing styles according to the face shape can define your face while accentuating your best features.